Dunedin RSA Event Feed http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz Dunedin RSA DUNEDIN RSA AGM http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=13Members are advised the Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 29 March 2011, in the Gallipoli Room, United Services and Community Club, 1 Prince Albert Road, St Kilda, Dunedin, commencing 10 a.m.<br /> <br /> Nominations are called for the following positions:<br /> President<br /> Senior Vice President<br /> Junior Vice President<br /> Honorary Treasurer<br /> Honorary Secretary<br /> Auditor<br /> Six (6) Executive Committee Members<br /> <br /> Nomination forms are available from the Secretary between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday to Friday.<br /> <br /> Signed nominations with an attached c.v. close at 3 p.m. Thursday, March 10, 2011.<br /> &nbsp;MARCH AT 10AM2011-03-29 00:00:00http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=13http://www.dn-rsa.org.nzDUNEDIN RSA AGM http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=13 Veterans Affairs NZ War Pension s and Welfare Forumhttp://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=14Veterans&rsquo; Affairs New Zealand War Pensions and Welfare Forum.<br /> <br /> Agenda: Case Management and War Pension Update<br /> <br /> Location: Gallipoli Room United Services and Community Club 1130 a.m. Tuesday 29 March 2011.<br /> <br /> To accommodate and co-ordinate the visit of the Vanz Forum which is to take place immediately after the Dunedin RSA AGM, the date has been adjusted from Thursday 31 March to Tuesday 29 March. This will allow Branch &amp; Sub/Branch members, Welfare representatives, Veterans and Dependants from the Otago Region to attend and meet VANZ GM, Rick Ottaway and Case Management Staff.<br /> <br /> S TURNER.<br /> Secretary.<br />2011-03-29 00:00:00http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=14http://www.dn-rsa.org.nzVeterans Affairs NZ War Pension s and Welfare Forumhttp://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=14 Dunedin - Navy Bandhttp://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=5The Navy Band will be in the USCCT Club&nbsp; for lunch , and may provide some entertainment2010-07-22 00:00:00http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=5http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/images/121/medium/DSCF0032.JPGDunedin - Navy Bandhttp://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=5 HMNZA OTAGO REUNIONhttp://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=4The Otago Reunion Dinner will take place in the Function Centre Forbury Park Trotting Club on Saturday 26th June 2010.&nbsp; Chief of the Navy, Rear Admiral Anthony Parr will be in attendance as will the Mayor Peter Chin.2010-06-26 00:00:00http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=4http://www.dn-rsa.org.nzHMNZA OTAGO REUNIONhttp://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=4 MID WINTER DINNER and DANCEhttp://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=3The United Services&nbsp;&amp; Community Club Trust&nbsp;Mid Winter Dinner and Dance is to be held on Tuesday 22nd June 2010 commencing at 12pm.&nbsp; Costs per head will be $15 and tickets are available in the bar2010-06-22 00:00:00http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=3http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/images/106/medium/100-0100.JPGMID WINTER DINNER and DANCEhttp://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=3 Armstice Day http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=16<br /> DUNEDIN<br /> Cordially invites<br /> Members of the RSA and the Public <br /> To attend the <br /> Commemoration of the 93rd Armistice Day<br /> 11 Hour, 11th Day, 11th Month 1918<br /> &amp; Wreath Laying Ceremony <br /> At the <br /> Cenotaph Queens Garden<br /> 10.45 am 11th November 2011<br /> Following the Commemoration <br /> light refreshments will be served at<br /> HMNZS Toroa , 211 St Andrew Street, Dunedin<br /> <br /> <br />0000-00-00 00:00:00http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=16http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/images/199/medium/RSA.JPGArmstice Day http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=16 Neptune Church Service at HMNZS Toroahttp://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=17R.N.Z.N.V.R ASSOCIATION (OTAGO)<br /> Invites<br /> Members of the RSA to attend the <br /> Neptune Church Service<br /> at HMNZS&nbsp;Toroa<br /> 211 St Andrew Street<br /> Dunedin <br /> on Sunday 11 December 2011 at 1100<br /> To commemorate&nbsp; <br /> sinking of HMS&nbsp;Neptune 19th December 1941<br /> Battle of the River Plate 13 December 1939<br /> and the loss of New Zealand sailors.0000-00-00 00:00:00http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=17http://www.dn-rsa.org.nzNeptune Church Service at HMNZS Toroahttp://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=17 Dunedin RSA Annual General Meeting http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=18Dunedin Returned and Services&rsquo; Association (Inc)<br /> Annual General Meeting<br /> Tuesday 28th March 2012<br /> <br /> Members are advised the Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 28th March 2012. <br /> Venue&nbsp;:HMNZS TOROA , 211 Sr Andrew Street Dunedin.<br /> Time : 10.30<br /> <br /> <br /> S TURNER.<br /> Secretary.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />0000-00-00 00:00:00http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=18http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/images/217/medium/RSA.JPGDunedin RSA Annual General Meeting http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=18 Hospital Visitors Neededhttp://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=19<br /> Hospital visitors are&nbsp;required to cover during the Xmas New Year period and possibly till the end of January. <br /> <br /> <br /> If you can helpout please phone&nbsp; The Welfare Officer Marie Marshall on 03 4664888 <br />0000-00-00 00:00:00http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=19http://www.dn-rsa.org.nz401Hospital Visitors Neededhttp://www.dn-rsa.org.nz/event.php?eid=19