Dunedin RSA Welfare Trust

Dunedin RSA Welfare TrustThe Dunedin RSA Welfare Trust offers assistance to the service and ex-service community in a number of ways, most importantly by making pensions advice and welfare services easily accessible and widely available to all current and ex-servicemen and women.

Membership of the RSA is not necessary.

Ex-servicemen and women may be entitled to a war pension and a range of appropriate allowances from the New Zealand Government. RSA offers assistance at every stage of the application process to ensure that all ex-service people receive the pensions and other benefits to which they, or their dependants, are entitled.

The Dunedin RSA Welfare Trust aim is to ensure that no ex-serviceman or woman suffers undue hardship. Dunedin RSA Welfare Trust has a full time Welfare Officer/Support advisor based in Dunedin to assist and advise on the many community services available to all ex-service personnel and their families, and when appropriate on sources of financial assistance from RNZRSA, RSA and other welfare funds.

Help is available to:
  •  All service and ex-servicemen and women
  •  Wives, husbands or partners of service and  ex-servicemen and women
  •  Widows and widowers of service ex-servicemen and women
  •  Dependent family members of service ex-servicemen and women
Contact our Welfare Officer/Support advisor if you are in any doubt about qualifying for RSA welfare assistance. The Welfare Officer/Support advisor will be able to clarify this for you, and will treat your enquiry in complete confidence.

Members of the public are also encouraged to call our Welfare Officer/Support advisor if they are concerned about the wellbeing of any ex-service person. RSA is not always made aware of individuals in difficulty and is therefore unable to help when assistance would otherwise be forthcoming. RSA undertakes to approach each individual with tact, and offer appropriate assistance without offending the dignity of the applicant. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Contact for the Welfare Officer /Support advisor in Dunedin:
  • Email: welfare@dn-rsa.org.nz
  • Telephone: (03) 466 4888   or   Freephone 0800 664 888
Or call into the offices located at 63 Bay View Road, St Kilda, Dunedin

Trustees 2018

Chairman : David Abercrombie
Vice Chairman: John Broughton
Trustees:  Lyall Cocks, Phil Witchall , Lox Kellas
Jim Cutler, Dave Campbell,  Rev Tony Harrison


 Help for Overseas Veterans living in New Zealand

War veterans from overseas living in New Zealand are advised to contact  Veterans Affairs New Zealand for advice on their war disability and pension entitlements in New Zealand.
Address queries in writing to:

Veterans Affairs
PO Box 9448
New Zealand


P.O. Box 5146

Phone (Free)
0800 483 8392

or if calling from overseas
+64 7 957 4602 (but you will have to pay for the call).

or if faxing from overseas
+64  4495 2070 (but you will have to pay for the call).

E-mail: veterans@xtra.co.nz
Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League (RCEL)
RCEL’s object is that no ex-serviceman or women should ever suffer hardship.

Funds are available for all eligible British ex-service people whether or not they are resident in the United Kingdom. Application for RCEL welfare assistance can be made by RNZRSA on behalf of individuals and is generally prompted by written request from the applicant made through a British ex-service organisation such as the Army Benevolent Fund.  Speak to the Welfare Officers and they will advise and/or enquire on your behalf.

Visit Website: www.commonwealthveterans.org.uk
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