70th Anniversary of Battle of El Alamein - 25th Jun 2012

Veterans’ Affairs New Zealand (VANZ) is seeking Expressions
of Interest from New Zealand Navy, Army and Air Force
veterans who served in North Africa between 10 June 1940
and 12 May 1943, and have been awarded the Africa Star, to
attend 70th anniversary commemorations of the Battle of El
Alamein either in New Zealand, or in Egypt, in October 2012.
This commemoration will recognise all those New Zealanders
who served in the North African campaign.
To be eligible, veterans need to have attested into, and served
with the New Zealand Armed Forces in the campaign, or be
New Zealanders who served with the Royal Navy as members
of the New Zealand Naval Forces.
Veterans wishing to travel to Egypt will need to meet strict
medical fitness criteria to ensure they are well enough to travel
as part of the delegation and participate in the commemorative
Veterans should be aware that there are potentially significant
health and security risks involved with travelling to Egypt and
they are advised to read the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Travel
Advisory for Egypt at
The New Zealand Government is continually monitoring the
situation in Egypt, and veterans will only be taken to Egypt for
the commemoration should it be safe for them to attend.
VANZ will meet the travel, accommodation, transport and
medical costs of those eligible to attend.
Veterans wishing to register interest in attending this
commemoration should contact:
Aaron Hanley, Veterans' Affairs New Zealand, PO Box 5146,
Freephone: 0800 483 8372, Email: veterans@xtra.co.nz
70th Anniversary of Battle of El Alamein
Expressions of
Interest will need
to be forwarded to
Veterans’ Affairs
New Zealand no
later than
6 July 2012.

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