Gallipoli 2015 ballot - 19th Nov 2013

Gallipoli 2015 ballot

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The public ballot to attend the 100th anniversary of Anzac Day at Gallipoli in 2015 is now open, Veterans’ Affairs Minister Michael Woodhouse has announced.

“The 1915 ANZAC campaign is important to our history and helped shape our nation’s identity. One hundred years on, the 2015 commemorations will be especially poignant and a time for New Zealand to reflect.

“Demand is expected to far exceed the 10,500 person capacity of the Gallipoli Peninsula site. Turkish authorities have been generous in agreeing to allocate 2000 passes to New Zealand, 8000 to Australia, and 500 for official representatives from Turkey and other countries.

“I encourage all those hoping to attend to enter the ballot, as only those with attendance passes will be admitted to the commemorative sites on the Gallipoli Peninsula,” Mr Woodhouse says.

The ballot is open to all New Zealand citizens and holders of a New Zealand permanent resident visa, aged 18 and over as of 25 April 2015. Successful entrants will be entitled to two attendance passes and can give the second attendance pass to a guest of their choosing, regardless of citizenship or age.

New Zealand’s 2000 places will be allocated as follows:
◦10 per cent (100 double passes) by ballot for direct descendants of Gallipoli veterans.
◦10 per cent (100 double passes) by ballot for New Zealand veterans.
◦75 per cent (750 double passes) by ballot for all New Zealanders (including descendants and veterans who were unsuccessful in their specific ballot).
◦5 per cent (100 places in total) reserved outside of the ballot for special groups such as youth representatives.

“Young New Zealanders on their OE have traditionally made up a large proportion of attendees at previous Anzac Day commemorations at Gallipoli.

“The support of young Kiwis overseas has made the commemorations what they are today. If you, or someone you know, is travelling to Europe, I urge you to let them know about the ballot – there is no other way to gain an attendance pass.”

Ballot entry and attendance passes are free of charge. However, successful applicants and guests will be required to meet all their own travel costs and expenses in relation to attending the 2015 Anzac Day Commemorations.

The ballot closes 31 January 2014, and results notified by April 2014

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